This site is hosted by Sally S. Smith, a
mountain dulcimer teacher in the Portland area.  
What is this DULCIMER? 
The lap (or mountain) dulcimer is, most simply,  a three-stringed instrument, held on the lap and strummed!  The dulcimer's simple fret board (usually tuned to an open "D" chord) and easy-to-read tablature enables even the MOST novice player to quickly make lovely music. And the more dulcimers together, the better, so groups form easily and the camaraderie blossoms!

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Welcome to  
Pickers Porch 
 Mountain Dulcimer Site from Clackamas County, Oregon.

Portland dulcimer groups &  Three Rivers Dulcimer Society at the Maryhill Museum.  Great Fun!
 UpRiver Dulcimer Band CD Participants! 
If you are interested in playing the Mountain Dulcimer and live in the Portland, Oregon, area, we need to meet YOU! 

There are active groups in the area - in  Sandy and Milwaukie!  And classes offered in Portland and around Clackamas County for folks who are interested in learning  to play this fun instrument.

For more information, call Sally Smith at 503.860-8234 or email her at

Sally also teaches ukulele - so check out the uke page for information on lessons.
Do you need some friends to play with? There are two clubs in the Portland area. Join us! 


Mt. Hood Dulcimer Club- Every Wednesday morning in Sandy  OR at the Bunsen Brewer Pub across from Fred Myers.   For more info, contact  Lynn Thies at

The SloeJam Dulcimer Group - Milwaukie, OR
First and Third Wednesdays from Noon til 2 p.m. at the Milwaukie Center off  Rusk Road, accessed from Hwy 224. Contact Denice Karstetter

Email Sally for more info

Mt. Hood Dulcimer Group 
 at Sandy Museum
Mother's Day - Philip Foster Farm, Oregon Trail Site
Oregon State Fair 2009, Salem